2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty

2018 ram 2500 heavy duty release date price

Both GM and Ford have already released their new Super Duty trucks. It is now expected for RAM to do the same thing with their own model. This truck will be sold as 2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty. Camouflaged test mules were recently spotted during open road testing. All tested trucks whore Cummins signs, which is pretty interesting. It is expected for RAM 2500 Heavy Duty to get interesting design changes, as well as the improved engine performance.

Rumors has it that RAM could use materials with more strength for the chassis production. This could mean much powerful engine, improved towing capacity, but also heavier truck overall. If new engine is to be fitted on future 2018 RAM 2500, then they should probably incorporate some changes to the suspension, axles and the chassis. Although it will probably receive many changes under the skin, outside it would probably remain the same. It is expected for RAM 2500 to get only some design refreshments. Speaking of exterior design, it will get revised bumper and headlights up front, while famous crosshair grille will remain the same. The bed, rear end and interior will all remain almost identical as on current model. Some changes could be installed, such as improved infotainment system.

2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty engine and fuel economy specs

2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty engine could be new 6.7-liter turbocharged Cummins powertrain. This engine is capable of producing above 400 horsepower and magnificent 1,000 lb-ft of torque. For this amount of power, RAM should install highly improved transmission, as well as the better cooling system for the engine. This could already have been seen on the test truck, in some kind of hood-scoop. It was highly camouflaged on the test model, but still it was noticeable. There are still no information about RAM 2500 fuel economy specs.

2018 ram 2500 release date price

2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty release date and price

2018 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty release date is expected sometime by the end of 2017. RAM 2500 price is still a mystery, but it should remain in the same range as current version.

2018 ram 2500 heavy duty specs

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