2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR

2018 mercedes amg gtr top speed review

Mercedes is ready to release their new supercar called 2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR. This model Is in some way successor of famous SLS version. Mercedes SLS was followed by AMG GT in 2014. Production of AMG GTR supercar will be based on SLS chassis, and it will use carbon fiber structure. Mercedes also recently offered both GT3 and GTS models. GTR version has some interesting upgrades. First and most important thing in every supercar is speed.

To increase the speed of any car, you will either need to add more power or make it lighter. Both is even better, which is exactly what Mercedes did with 2018 AMG GTR. It is stronger and lighter. This includes replacing old hydraulic spoiler at the back with new bigger carbon fiber wing. Rear end also features titanium twin-exhaust at the center, as well as big diffuser. AMG GTR should run on carbon fiber wheels. Speaking of interior design, it will probably use lightweight Alcantara seats with yellow stitching. It is obvious that yellow and black will be dominant colors in the 2018 GTR. Even the badge now has yellow and black design. GTR will be equipped with stiffer shock absorbers and springs, ceramic brakes and improved electrical control system. Considering these upgrades and 300 pounds less, along with many carbon fiber titanium and lightweight parts, which car is going to be super-fast. As the matter of fact, Mercedes officially announced that MAG GTR is going to be even faster than already very fast SLS Black.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR engine performance specs

2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR engine should be improved version of the base model engine. This means AMG handcrafted 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 engine. This upgraded engine will produce between 577 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. We also expect to see improved AMG Speedshift 7-Speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR top speed is set at 198 mph, while it can reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

2018 mercedes amg gtr release date price

2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR release date and price review

2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR release date is expected by the end of the year. GTR main rivals on the market will be Audi TT Spyder and Porsche GT3. 2018 Mercedes-AMG GTR pricing is unavailable, but it should be sold for around $180,000.

2018 mercedes amg gtr engine specs

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